Eurobia Lifetime Hosting Review

The problem with lifetime hosting is the people behind it, and if you're looking for the kind of scam that makes you shake your head and go "just wow" then has a story for you. 

Here's the full review of 

The basic idea is that you get free customer support for the first seven days. Then it's charged for. 

The trick is that they don't respond to your ticket for seven days. Hence they can offer that for free. 

They've GOT your money and if you annoy them, they will suspend your account with the excuse "Spam activities and selling illegal drugs".

Then you're out your money, AND you don't have the service. 

Which really is okay because they run an old version of pHp and they intentionally won't 'white list' your site's pHp.mod file (so it throws an error and corrupts your WP installation, until you ask them to white list that mod script, for twenty dollars. 

If you ask for a refund they'll tell you they don't have a refund policy. When you send them an actual link and screencap to THEIR own refund policy page, they suddenly develop amnesia on how to use English. Then they suspend your account. 

But let's say that you are running a lean, small, essentially undiscovered Wordpfress site and you didn't run into trouble with the server because you aren't intense on resources, at all. They'll STILL suspend you about every three months to extort $20 from you to un-suspend the service. 

That means, that they're getting roughly $60 a year out of everybody on their server after selling them $200 worth of lifetime server. Do you see the profitability of that? 

Paypal is on their side, in their pocket by the way, so if you buy a hosting account, USE YOUR REAL CREDIT CARD so you can charge back. Paypal does NOT have your back on online / digital purchases. It's an automated process and they don't carefully read your complaint. 

Anyway, here's the Review of's Life Time Hosting account and how they do it. 






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