Searching RFID Chips Online is a new web site that allows the public to register their pet's RFID 'chips' online in such a way as to allow Google to show the pet's origins and owners simply by entering the RFID Chip code into the database. The site backs up daily and is presented to the search engines weekly for better ranking.

Searching for pet chip ID codes online has been an expense in the past but is free of charge.

We recommend that you enter your pet's RFID code but instead of using your full contact data, use your work phone number, or a burner-email address or better still:  Your vet's information. How does that work?

Someone enters your pet's RFID chip code into Google and your listing at is returned. The person seeking you out as the pet's owner sees your pet's name and Rabies tag number or information leading to your VET, not your personal details.

They contact your vet and present them with the pet's name, Rabies tag number or even the chip and the Vet puts you guys together lickity split.

Searching pet RFID tags / chips online has never been so easy. is a free pet chip registry. Finding your pet's RFID identification chip using Google is now a possibility. Learn how at


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